Here's a list of the best 2019 Black Friday tech deals

You're sitting at your computer, eyes glazed over from trying to sort through the thousands of pages of Black Friday ads in search of a deal. If that sounds like you, stop what you're doing and watch the story in the video above, then check out the links in this article for all of the deals.

Holiday shopping season starts in earnest in just a few days, with the super bowl of retail events — Black Friday. But there are so many advertised deals, it’s often hard to figure out just where to begin.

“Best Buy alone has hundreds of pages in their ad scan, so that’s thousands of products per sale," said Josh Meyes, CEO of He says his community of users can save you time and actually help you find the best deals. “They’re shopping and finding great deals, so imagine if you had 11 million friends telling you where you should buy your next TV, your apple watch, your laptop.” is kind of like a social media channel. Users can give a product — like a TV or smartwatch — a thumbs up depending on how good the deal is and it's all consumer-based. For the deals we didn’t include in the video above, see the list below.


Samsung Galaxy S10
Store: Costco
Deal Score: +147
Price: $430
MSRP: $850
Savings: $420
Rationale: Offer valid “now,” pre-black Friday. Also available is the S10+ and Note10+, similar savings
$17.92/month ($430.08 total) - S10
$22.09/month ($530.16 total) - S10+
$26.25/month ($630 total) - Note 10+ 


• Apple 13.3″ MacBook Air: i5 Processor, 8GB RAM, 128GB HDD
Store: Costco
Deal Score: +51
Price: $799
MSRP: $999
Savings: $200
Rationale: Starts 11/25 (not limited to Black Friday) and lasts through 12/24. Strong community response 


Apple Watch 3
Store: Walmart
Deal Score: +32
Price: $129
MSRP: $199
Savings: $70
Rationale: Currently the highest-rated BF deal to date: Target’s advertised Black Friday price is $170, $40 more than Walmart.

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones 
Store: Target
Deal Score: +12
Price: $129.99
MSRP: $300
Savings: $170
Rationale: Past FP deal ran in Sept. ‘19 for same price at Walmart with 52 upvotes


• Insignia 58’ Fire TV Edition Smart 4K + free Echo Dot 
Store: Best Buy
Deal Score: +29
Price: $199.99
MSRP: $479
Savings: $280
Rationale: Insignia 58’ Fire TV Edition - This deal is a frontpage doorbuster for Best Buy save $280 from retail price of $479.99

• Samsung 70″ 6 Series Smart TV
Store: Best Buy
Deal Score: +6
Price: $549.99
MSRP: $899.99
Savings: $350
Rationale: It’s hard to top a well-priced 70″ TV in your home entertainment system, especially if you’re shopping on a budget. While it’s not the cheapest item on the list, you definitely get bang for your buck with this massive TV from Samsung. 


Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell + $45 Kohl's Cash 
Store: Kohl's
Deal Score: +25
Price: $149.99
MSRP: $229.99
Savings: $80
+$45 Kohls Cash
Savings: $125 after Kohl’s Cash
Rationale: 3rd highest rated BF deal to date


Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Starter Bundle
Store: Kohl's
Deal Score: +9
Price: $199.99
MSRP: $299
Savings: $100
+$60 Kohls Cash
Savings: $160 after Kohl’s Cash
Rationale: Solid deal in price alone; and you get the bonus of Kohl’s cash which you can apply to your other holiday shopping
Additional Deal: Best Buy also has an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition for $149.99 +4 votes - comes with one month of Xbox Live Gold, and download codes for Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and Fortnite Battle Royale

• Sony PlayStation 4 - Various Bundles
Store: Target, Walmart, Best Buy
Deal Score: +11 for Target, +2 for Walmart, +6 for Best Buy
Price: $199.99
MSRP: $299
Savings: $100
Rationale: PS4 options as counterpart to Xbox One S. Target, Best Buy and Walmart are all offering PS4 bundle deals for 199.99. Consumers have the option to pick based on which games and features appeal to them the most