Hawk seeks refuge in taxi during Hurricane Harvey

A hawk sought shelter in a Houston man’s taxi while Hurricane Harvey approached Texas on August 25.

William Bruso came back to his taxi after stopping to stock up on food and supplies for the storm, when he realized a Coopers hawk was sitting in the passenger seat of his car.

According to Bruso, the hawk was not injured in any way, but refused to leave the car. Eventually, Bruso was able to coax the hawk to the car door, where he could pick him up and move him out. Bruso speculated the hawk was looking for a place to “hunker down” during the storm, so he named him “Harvey the Hurricane Hawk.”

Bruso has been giving updates on the hawk’s situation and plans to contact an animal professional once the hurricane passes. For now, though, Harvey the Hurricane Hawk is riding out the storm with Bruso and his family.

Credit: YouTube/William Bruso via Storyful