Hacker phished bank info from Sumter County Public Schools to get credit card

Photo Source: Colin / Wikimedia Commons

The Sumter County School Board says they are the recent victims of credit card fraud to the tune of $206,000.
Federal agents have now taken the suspects of this crime into custody.  Investigators say the suspects reportedly tricked an administrator into entering the school board’s banking information on the scammers’ website.
Sumter County, however, is not the first to fall victim to cyber-attacks like this one. Hackers have also recently tried to breach the Volusia County library system, as well as some cyber-attacks occurring in the cities of Pensacola and Riviera Beach.
Cybersecurity experts like Gunnar Skotnicki are now warning everyone to be vigilant.
“It’s really everybody’s responsibility in an organization – everybody is the weak point,” Skotnicki said.  “Cause if I can go click on these links and just download malware onto my machine, I’m just giving these attackers into my environment, so a lot of awareness and training goes very far.”

This story was written out of Lake Mary, Florida.