Gym staff excited to get approval to reopen on Monday

So many people can’t wait to get back to working out at the gym, but for good reason, it will look very different when patrons step back into their fitness centers.

For instance, members of Rock Hard Fitness in Baldwin Park will have to sanitize their hands and feet and undergo a temperature check before getting through the door. Safety measures may be inconvenient but the staff is just ecstatic to be able to open up. The coaches at the fitness center are celebrating the all-clear to welcome members back to the gym.

“Just been waiting, waiting, waiting, every day, next week, next week, finally can open up,” said Max Dunley, Owner, Rock Hard Fitness.

“Super excited, just really ready, willing, and able to see our clients again and get our fitness on,” said Ashleigh Woodruff, Coach, Rock Hard Fitness.

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Owner Max Dunley says it’s been a rough two months but this is a weight off his shoulders.

“Finally able to get business flowing again, really takes strain off the whole system,” Dunley added.

The gym is implementing strict safety rules. Sanitizing and social distancing, now part of the workout routine.

“As long as we have a set system in place, it’s going to be easy for them to follow, and as long as we make it very simple, everything is going to be good,” said Dunley.

Dunley with a message for all gym-goers in this post-pandemic time: be vigilant.

“You always have to come in with a little bit of caution, you can’t just walk in and expect all the weights to be ready, all the things to be safe or clean, just assume anything you touch, you gotta wipe down, if you have gloves, wear gloves, if you have a mask, wear a mask, and if you’re feeling sick, stay home,” said Dunley.

After two months of “distance fitness,” Woodruff is eager to get back to what she loves.

“Seeing everyone being able to have that release, that working out brings, it’s an honor to be a part of so to be able to witness it again, will be great,” said Woodruff.

The Rock Hard staff plans to get together over the weekend to practice its safety protocols to be ready for a Monday opening.

The executive order issued on Friday by Gov. Ron DeSantis allows gyms to reopen at 50 percent capacity and social-distancing must be practiced by staff and members.