Orlando gyms make plans for reopening

Gyms haven’t been given the green light to open in Florida, but facilities are making plans to be ready when that time comes.

Many are itching to get back in the gym, but our post-COVID-19 workout will look different.

“We need to make sure we have proper amount of space per person,” said Miguel Senior, co-owner of SUBU CrossFit in Downtown Orlando.

The most noticeable difference will be capacity limits.

Senior says classes will be capped at 50 percent, initially.

“To make sure everyone has adequate space and feels good about being here without having to worry about safety,” he said.

At SUBU, they’re not spacing people apart 6 feet, they’re doing 8 feet apart, and cleaning will become an essential part of the workout.

“Absolutely have to wipe down everything you touch and everything you came in contact with,” Senior said.

“We wanna get the doors back open,” said Max Dunely, owner, Rock Hard Fitness.

Over in Baldwin Park, Rock Hard Fitness is eagerly waiting for the all-clear to open.

Dunely is limiting the number of people inside the gym, also.

At Rock Hard, they’re going to be requiring members to spray their feet and hands with sanitizer before walking in the gym.

In the workout space, members will have everything they need at a personal station.

“So, that they don’t have to worry about cross-contamination or having five or six people share one little spot,” Dunely said.

Both gym owners hope to get back to lifting soon, not only for the benefit of their business but their members' health.

“We pride ourselves on how much CrossFit and just fitness, in general, can benefit the human body and your immune system more specifically with what’s going on right now, so it’s kind of contradicting in a way that we can’t open, but yet the best way to combat this thing is by being healthy and fit,” Senior said.

Neither gym plans to require masks, but both will be requiring temperature checks at the door.