Gov. DeSantis speaks at MLK event in Winter Park on Monday

After a visit to talk about medical marijuana last week, Governor Ron DeSantis is now becoming a frequent visitor in Winter Park. 

“It’s two times in one week so you got to keep this going.”

Gov. DeSantis spoke about diversity at the Unity Heritage Festival on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. 

“We have so many really great African American appointees already and I’ve only been in office for a couple weeks,” said Gov. DeSantis.

The governor touted his accomplishments thus far, and what a busy 13 days he’s had in office. First, he called for $2.5 billion to clean up Florida’s water and environment. Then he removed the Broward County Sheriff over his handling of the Parkland shooting.

“I appointed the first African American sheriff in the history of the county, Broward County. And here’s the thing. All I’m trying to do is find good people.”

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The same day, the governor pardoned the Groveland Four.

“We have to be able to look at these things and say that is wrong.”

That’s what he did last week in Winter Park, pushing lawmakers to drop the medical marijuana smoking ban. The next day, he accepted the resignation of Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

All these are sweeping changes. 

“That’s the kind of governor I’m going to continue to be.”

The people who heard him speak Monday are hoping for the same.

“If he does what he said, it’s going to be well,” said Reverend A.C. Cobb, of Winter Park.

DeSantis was in Winter Park last Thursday, as he announced a push to end a state ban on smokable medical marijuana.  Over the weekend, DeSantis retracted all 46 of former Governor Rick Scott's appointments. 

Gov. DeSantis was sworn in on January 8th, which is the same day that Former Governor Rick Scott was sworn into the U.S. Senate