Gov. DeSantis mandates quarantine for people who fly to Florida from NY, NJ

Governor Ron DeSantis is telling certain people who come to Florida to self-isolate. This affects people who fly down from New Jersey and New York, one of the country’s hot spots.

A pair of roommates from New York City planned to fly down to Florida but will now face quarantine.

A little stir crazy with their quarantine, Xzavier Howard and Carolina Reyna planned to fly from New York to Florida, where Reyna’s parents live.

“Everyone knows New York apartments are extremely small and we just do not want to be locked in such a small space without being able to go outside 06 even if you do go outside, it’s raining. It’s disgusting. It’s cold,” said Howard.

Then Gov. DeSantis laid down a major announcement Monday.

“Anybody traveling from those regions in New York or New Jersey to the state of Florida is going to have to do a mandatory 14-day self-isolation,” said Governor DeSantis.

New York is a hot spot for the virus, and the governor says there are still 190 direct flights a day from that region to Florida. “I would reckon, given the outbreak there, that every single flight has somebody on it who is positive for COVID-19.”

The governor says this is an alternative to a statewide lockdown, which he doesn’t think would work. “We don’t know what effect that would have on the economy, public health, all kinds of issues with the people who’d be affected by it,” said Gov. DeSantis.

Howard and Reyna tell FOX 35 News they’re on board with the governor’s plans. “I honestly think they should have done this in Florida a while ago,” said Reyna. Despite facing quarantine, they say they’re still going to board a plane to Florida.

“We haven’t left the house in 10 to 11 days, so 14 more days isn’t going to hurt us at this point. We’ll have more space to be locked in.”