Good Samaritans rescue girl from rip current at Brevard County beach

A girl is lucky to be alive after good Samaritans put their lives at risk to save hers.

Michael Berry says that he saw two girls struggling in the surf at a Brevard County beach. One of them was yelling that her friend could not swim. So, without missing a beat, he immediately swam out to help.

Berry told the girl "you got to hold on to me and trust me" when he reached her. However, as the two of them got closer to shore, a rip current started pulling them back out. He fought against it though, inching his way to the shore successfully.

Berry was not alone in his rescue efforts, as others on the beach saw what was going on and formed a human chain to get the girl back on dry land. For example, Eliza Dellert also put her own life in danger to deliver a float to the girl Berry was helping.

Both of these unlikley heroes said that they were just doing what they had to do. They also said that they hope someone would do the same thing for them.

Brevard County Fire Rescue told Fox 35 that lifeguards rescued 48 people from rip currents on Wednesday.