Girl, 8, accused of breaking into cars

PoIice arrested an 8 year-old-girl and a 12 year-old-boy after they were caught on surveillance video breaking into a car in the driveway of a home in the 300 block of Pasto Circle.

The video shows a young girl with a flashlight approaching the vehicle.  She opens the driver side door and motions for two other kids to join.  A second girl and a boy approach the car, but the girl runs away.

According to a police report, officers made contact with the girls at school and the older girl told the detective all three kids were “walking from the park” and “decided to break into vehicles.” 

Police note that the older girl told reported that the boy and girl committed at least four other burglaries that night.
According to the police report, the children’s mother identified the 8-year-old in the video, but “could not be positive” that the boy was her son. 

Homeowner John Badillo told FOX 35 some change and a pair of sunglasses were missing from his car.