Get tips for improving the fuel efficiency of your new Toyota Prius

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Many people drive a Toyota Prius in Orlando because of the incredible fuel efficiency it has to offer. This Toyota hybrid has an EPA estimated fuel economy rating of 51 mpg combined. However, the mpg you get from the Toyota Prius depends on your driving habits.

Find out how to minimize the fuel consumption of your Toyota hybrid

The Orlando Toyota Prius employs some cool technologies to help you save gas, but you have to know how to use these technologies to make the most of them! Understanding features like regenerative braking, drive modes, and Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive can help you reach maximum fuel efficiency in your green Toyota in Orlando!

Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive

The Toyota Prius in Orlando has a special drivetrain – Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive! This drivetrain includes both a gasoline engine and an electric motor and allows your car to switch seamlessly between the two. When driving at lower speeds, your Orlando Toyota hybrid can use the electric motor. As you start to speed up, your car will switch to the gasoline engine. By accelerating slower and putting less stress on your car, you can use the electric motor more and save a ton of gas! 

When accelerating, we suggest you use the pulse and glide method. To do this, all you have to do is accelerate slowly until you reach your desired speed, take your foot off the gas pedal so it switches back to the electric motor, then gently accelerate again!

Regenerative braking

Regenerative braking is a handy feature in the 2015 Toyota Prius in Orlando that captures energy from your brakes and uses it to charge your battery. This means that every time you hit your brakes, you can save energy that would have gone to waste. However, this doesn’t work if you slam on the brakes. 

You have to brake lightly and come to a slow and steady stop to harness the power of regenerative braking. If you’re known to brake hard, you can end up saving gas (and your brakes) by altering this driving habit!

Take advantage of the drive modes in your Orlando Toyota Prius

Drive modes

Did you know that the Orlando Toyota Prius has three different drive modes you can use with just the push of a button? 

  • The POWER mode helps you gain throttle, while the other two are designed to help you save gas! 
  • EV mode allows your car to use only the electric motor for as long as possible. You should try to use this mode as much as possible when driving at slow speeds. 
  • ECO mode automatically changes the settings of your car accessories and air conditioning to conserve as much energy as possible! You can use this at any time to help improve the fuel efficiency of your new Toyota Prius!

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