Georgia boy collecting pajamas for foster children

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Sometimes, especially in the winter, there's nothing better than the feeling of wearing really comfortable pajamas.

And that feeling is what's inspiring a Buford fifth-grader to give back to other kids.

Christian Stahl says because he's adopted he wants to help other kids in foster care. And how better than to do it with his favorite thing in the world – pajamas!

Stahl, a fifth-grader at Buford Academy, is a bona fide, no-holds-barred pajama fan.

"He really really loves pajamas," Christian's mother Jennifer Stahl said. "He's been obsessed with pajamas since he was a baby, like, would come home and even to this day, come home and put them on, loves pajamas, all different kinds, and they have to feel cozy."

Christian is combining his love for the cozy outfit – he has 23 pairs – with his heart for other kids waiting for adoption for an idea that is uniquely him.

"I wanted to help by giving them cozy warm pajamas instead of feeling cold and, like, not having the right parents to have," he said.

So Christian decided to hold a pajama drive.

He partnered with family friend Rebekah Black, who is the founder of Jambos, and organization that provides new pajamas to foster kids.

"His mom and I had a conversation over coffee and I was like, OK," Black said "I thought she would get 50 pairs of pajamas. I was not expected her to call me, like, 'We have 500 ... we have 600'"    

"We did some Instagram, he went in front of the school – on the TV at school – and asked, 'Hey, could you bring some pajamas in for the foster kids?'  Christian's father Greg Stahl said. "We started getting a few here by mail, then a few more, then hundreds started coming in, then everyday, it just accumulated."

Greg says they were getting up to 60 pairs of pajamas a day, which resulted in some strange looks from delivery drivers.

"At one time, all three trucks were liked stacked up outside, and they were, like, looking at us like, you guys really like pajamas!" Stahl said.

Christian and his family have now surpassed their initial goal of 800, and the captain of this pajama project is quick to point out it's been a real family effort.

"My sisters helped count them, and they were amazing," Christian said. I really thank you guys for helping me with all this."

And the work isn't finished, because Christian now has a taste of what it feels like to help people.

"I want to make the whole world right again, I guess," he said.

So far, the Stahls have collected 1,000 pairs ot PJs.

They now have a new goal of 14,000!

For more on how you can help the Stahl's with their big PJ project, you can check out their instagram at @Christianryanstahl.