Gator that killed dog caught, euthanized in Winter Garden

An alligator trapper is warning people and pets to stay away from bodies of water after a woman's dog was attacked and killed by one.

The gator responsible for the attack was captured and killed off of the West Orange Trail in Winter Garden.

"It's terrible for the lady and her pet, and it's terrible for the alligator too. We need to try to avoid these interactions for sure," Frank Robb, an alligator trapper and expert, said.

Robb is the CEO of Environmental Education Awareness Research Support & Services, or EEARS.

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He said gators are more active this time of year and pets and people shouldn't be near lakes and ponds.

"As we know as Floridians, any body of water either does have an alligator in it or it will have an alligator in it," Robb said. "If you care about your animals, you can't keep them near that kind of stuff. You just can't make that choice."

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