Gator mating season starts early

Folks at the Vista Grande apartments in New Tampa found a good-sized alligator swimming in their pool Friday night.

Police called a local trapper to get it out. No one was injured.

The pool was closed on Saturday.

Trappers said they safely relocated the reptile to a gator farm.

Gator mating season is starting early this year.

Trappers say this is the time of year when they get the most class to catch nuisance gators.

They say the safest thing to do is keep your distance.

"Something this size can definitely do a good amount of damage," said Karina Paner from Croc Encounters. "It looks small but if it grabs you and shakes its head, it's going to give you a really bad bite, so I would definitely stay away and just be respectful."

Mating season typically ends in July.