Games, puzzles becoming popular as people stay home during coronavirus outbreak

With thousands of families stuck at home, game nights are becoming more popular. Some blasts from the pasts are making a comeback.

After a while hunkering down, Netflix gets boring.  Suddently, what's old is new again.

"Especially the first couple weeks of March, we noticed a need not only for family games but jigsaw puzzles," said Lighten Up! employee Allie Sinclair.

The game store "Lighten Up!" in Winter Park has been closed for seveal days because of the coronavirus outbreak. But they are seeing an uptick in people purchasin games and puzzles online as families self-isolate and work from home.

"As the need for being inside increases, a lot of families are getting more board games. We’re always selling board games here but now it’s even more," said Sinclair.

Maybe not so popular right now is the game "Pandemic," but newer games like "Clack" and "Bounce Battle" are big, not to mention classes like "Yahtzee" and jigsaw puzzles.

There’s something to puzzles and family games that store owners say people are really craving right now.

"Board games are something that everybody knows and teaching their children that is just another way to be together," said Sinclair.

Sinclair says she's happy to give people something fun and educational to do during this isolating time. To her, it's no surprise that people would turn to board games.

"It just tells everybody to kind of slow down and enjoy the moment."