Gainesville reacts to Spurrier's resignation from South Carolina

It takes some pretty big accomplishments to have your own statue on campus at the University of Florida. Steve Spurrier's part of that elite group. "Well, he's a great guy,” said close friend of Spurrier's and Voice of the Gators Mick Hubert with a smile. “Everyone who really knows him loves the guy."  Hubert said he spent a decade-plus working alongside Spurrier.  He explained, "For the 12 years that he was here, he embraced all of us. He supported all of our athletic teams."

On Tuesday, Spurrier confirmed his immediate resignation from South Carolina. "This is kind of a sad day to see him announce his retirement," said Hubert, "because one of the greatest coaches of all time in college football."

Before he was a great coach, Spurrier was a great player. Spurrier won the school's first Heisman trophy in 1966. He also set every school record for game, season, and career passing marks. From there, he played in the NFL. Then it was on to coaching.  Suprrier coached at the University of Florida for more than a decade beginning in 1990, and won a national championship in 1996, and 6 SEC championships. 

"It was Shangri-La,” Hubert said with a smile. “We've won national championships since, but it was nothing like that 12 years that Spurrier was here." Probably no one outside the Suprrier household knows what's next, but Hubert staunchly supports his friend in whatever the future holds.

"I know he deserves all of these moments right now,” Hubert said. “This is a day really to celebrate what he's accomplished and his great wife, Jerry Spurrier."