Future of NASA's Artemis program in limbo

In 2020, space missions took off. By 2024, the Trump administration had planned to put boots on the moon for the first time in more than half a century. 

But then, Trump lost re-election. Now, the future of NASA’s Artemis program is in limbo. 
"I think it’s less that Democrats are lukewarm in their support, but the Trump administration was a huge supporter of space. So, I think that Democrats are looking at things, like 'We have got a lot of priorities,'" said Andy Aldrin, the director of Florida Tech’s Center for Space entrepreneurship.

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Buzz Aldrin's son, Andy Aldrin, said even though there is growing enthusiasm for space, a global pandemic means a tight federal budget.

"There is going to be some budgetary pressure. Of course under the Trump administration, the budgets were increased a little, but more than they had been before. I would expect flat budgets. I think getting dramatic increases are unlikely," Aldrin said. 
Dale Ketcham, one of Space Florida's vice presidents, beliives the Biden administration will continue space exploration efforts, but with a relaxed mission date.
"I think what is going to happen relative to the moon mission is they are going to keep that going forward the way it is structured now. I think the pressure to get that deadline is off, but the mission will still move forward," Ketcham said.

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