Fugitive with 11 outstanding warrants arrested in Daytona Beach Shores

A wanted man was finally taken in to custody on Friday, after law enforcement got a tip that he was inside a Daytona Beach Shores grocery store.

Daytona Beach Shores police staked out the area and spotted William Klein's, 45, car near a Winn Dixie shoppling plaza, but when they tried to arrest him on the way out of the store, they say he tried to back out of his parking space and hit a police cruiser.

Police say the open door hit an officer's gun, causing the weapon to fire one bullet. They say no one was hurt.

Investigators say other officers on the scene got Klein in custody, but the car was left in drive and hit a detective's car and three other cars in the parking lot.

Police say Klein had 11 outstanding warrants, with the most serious one being armed burglary. 

Investigators say Klein will also be charged with battery upon a police officer. 

He also faces charges in Sarasota County.