Friend remembers Pulse victim Angel Candelario

A memorial outside the Pulse Orlando nightclub is attracting people from all over the world, as well as Orlando.

As people pay their respects, Hernan Hernandez thinks about his friend and co-worker Angel Candelario.  "I really wanted to see where everything took place," Hernandez said.  "He was a person that was loved among us at work and I had to pay my tribute here to him," he said of his friend. 

Angel died, but his boyfriend, Oscar, survived the shooting.  Hernandez said there was a procession for 28-year-old Angel before he was buried in Puerto Rico. "I had to fly to Puerto Rico to pay my tribute to him and his family in Puerto Rico. It’s overwhelming, still painful, but you could see the love the city has bestowed on the victims here, not only my friend but all the victims and the survivors. You could still feel the love among us here."

Love, from near and far away.

"I’m from Chicago, Illinois, and my wife asked that we stop by here in memory of the victims here,"  said Charlie White.  "It’s a sad situation to see."

Anna Woodfield is from England. "I thought I’d make a card to show we support them in England, even though we are a long way away," she said.  Her father, Kevin, agrees, "It’s a very sad occasion, just a lump in the throat, we’re all kindred spirits."

As Hernandez mourns the loss of Angel, he has faith that this community will heal. "It’s been difficult for us especially those close to him. I just leave it all in Gods hands. God has the last word."

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