FOX 35 is monitoring 4 systems developing in the tropics

FOX 35 is monitoring four systems developing in the tropics.

An area of low pressure is expected to form off the coast of Florida, likely developing into a tropical depression, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC). The low pressure will move parallel and then away from land.

Showers and thunderstorms associated with a tropical wave near the Lesser Antilles is moving westward at 15 to 20 mph. The disturbance is disorganized, but some gradual development is possible over the next few days as it moves across the Caribbean Sea. The NHC has given this area a 80 percent chance of development in the next five days. Jamaica, Honduras, Belize, Guatemala, and Yucatan should monitor the progress of this disturbance.

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Closer to Africa, a tropical wave several hundred miles southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands has a low chance of development due to unfavorable environmental conditions. The system is moving slowly westward over the Atlantic Ocean. The NHC says it has a 20 percent chance of development over the next five days.

A new tropical wave is expected to emerge off the coast of Africa in a couple of days, according to the NHC. The system will be moving slowly westward over the far eastern tropical Atlantic and has a 30 percent chance of development in the next five days.

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