FOX 35 Exclusive: One on one with WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston

They’re known for their bright-colored ring gear, their fun-loving attitude, and antics that include flinging pancakes to the fans as they walk to the ring: WWE’s New Day.

"Eight time champions!" announced New Day member Kofi Kingston with a smile on his face.

Kofi and fellow New Day member Big E are the reigning Smackdown Tag Team Champions; their third teammate Xavier Woods is currently sidelined with an injury. The duo is currently gearing up for a Fatal Four-way match to defend their titles at the Money in the Bank event this Sunday.While their in-ring accomplishments speak for themselves, the star of Friday Night Smackdown, Kofi, said the trio are constantly trying to bring the fun and entertain the fans like no one else.

"A lot of the stuff we do is like stuff we'd do on a car ride or in the locker room and it's like, 'oh let's do that on TV,' and it's like, 'oh, ok...' and we do it on TV and it's like we're really trying to entertain ourselves,” said Kofi on Friday.

The native of Ghana has certainly learned a thing or two about entertaining. Kofi said he’s been working and dreaming of being a WWE Superstar since he was a kid, and now he’s been living that dream for 14 years.

During his first decade in the company, Kofi held tag team gold with a number of teams, including the New Day, and individual gold as the Intercontinental Champion.However, Kofi would finally hit a new level of stardom just last year when an injury sidelined a fellow superstar, and Kofi was asked to replace him in several high profile matches. Kofi turned out star-making performances in those matches and, to the surprise of many, the fans wanted more.

"The crowd just took over and essentially demanded that I become WWE Champion,” said Kofi.After intense fan backing, Kofi earned his spot in one of the main events at 2019’s Wrestlemania where he beat Daniel Bryan to win his first WWE Championship – 11 years into his WWE career in his first real shot at the title.

"That happened,” said Kofi thinking back to the crowd bursting out in cheers at his victory. “Like the term ‘dream come true’ is like a stereotypical thing that just gets thrown around, but for me that was my dream."

Kofi said since that moment he’s heard from fans all around the world – telling him that his story inspired them personally.

"I take a lot of pride in being able to be that motivator for so many people of a lot of different backgrounds,” he said.

Now, a bigger star an role model than ever, Kofi said he and his best friends in the New Day are going out of their way to motivate and inspire people everywhere, while living out more dreams they never expected.

The trio hosts popular podcasts on topics of video gaming and pop culture. They’ve also found themselves entering into a lot of the pieces of culture that influenced them growing up.

"I've been able to be on Nickelodeon Shows,” said Kofi. "The other day I was on a question on Jeopardy! And I'm just like why, why am I on Jeopardy right now? I can't believe that I get to call this my job."