Former Orange County deputy accused of fraud, grand theft

A former Orange County deputy has been fired and arrested by his own agency.He's now facing grand theft and fraud charges.

Deputy Jackson Etienne was arrested on Tuesday.

According to a sheriff's office report, the victim trusted the suspect because he was a sheriff's deputy. 
They say the victim met Etienne in 2018 and eventually agreed to buy two buses and a car from him for more than $27,000. 

However, two weeks after the payment was made, the victim says he never saw the vehicles.

When the victim pressed Etienne to show him what he bought, the report says Etienne showed him a bus that was in far worse shape than expected. That's when the victim says he knew he had been schemed.

The report says the victim never got any of the vehicles he paid for and never got his money back.

Etienne is charged with scheming to defraud and grand theft. The Orange County Sheriff's Office isn't releasing a photo of former Deputy Etienne at this time.