Former doctor who gave incorrect dosages takes plea deal

A doctor was arrested in February on fraud after giving as many as 500 kids half dosages of vaccines. Today, in Orange County, she took a plea deal.

Ishrat Sohail pled no contest to fraud charges and the court says that will be seen as being guilty.

When sentenced, she will face jail time up to 15 years, plus have to pay over $620,000 to help the state undo the damage and get those kids revaccinated.

Her medical license is going and shortly after her arrest in February, her doctor's office was closed and it remains that way.

The families of patients have had to completely revaccinate their kids. Doctors say that is safe and the right procedure in a situation like this. 

Sohail's attorney, Rajan Joshi, says that the former doctor does care about kids, despite what happened. "The doctor, her main concern is the children. She has been practicing now for over three decades. She is putting up over half a million dollars of personal funds to make sure the people are properly vaccinated."

Sohail will be sentenced this summer. After any jail time, she does face ten years probation as well as community service.