Forecasters watching system over Bermuda; no threat to Florida

Two areas of high pressure created conditions for a sunny, dry Friday across Central Florida.

One of those highs will soon be moving out over the Atlantic Ocean.  Still, the weather over the weekend for the Florida Peninsula will be pleasant.  

In the Atlantic, far from Florida, there is some potential for stormy weather.

"Down to the south of Bermuda, we're looking at a little area of low pressure that will move towards the north. It could become a subtropical-type system, possibly as we get into next week," said FOX 35 Chief Meteorologist Glenn Richards. "Nothing that we have to be concerned about at all."

Richards said there are no tropical threats at this time. 

"Through the weekend, bone-dry weather, not just for the weekend, but for all of next week too, with the rainy season starting up in a couple more weeks or so," he added.

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