Food craze 'spaghetti doughnuts' selling out in Brooklyn

What do you get when you cross a spaghetti pie with a doughnut? A spaghetti doughnut of course. The popular snack is selling out at the weekly Smorgasburg food festival in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Creator Luigi, who is an architect by trade, says the baked food is based on the traditional Neopolitan recipe for spaghetti pies with the doughnut being his unique twist. 

"When we decided to approach this project, it came to me: what kind of shape to give this?" said creator Luigi.

The spaghetti doughnut is less entree, more snack. Flavors range from mac' n cheese to parmesan and olive oil and bolognese.

"It can be compared to a slice of pizza or a hot dog," said Luigi.

Each doughnut sells for $5. Luigi sells about 800 every weekend.

For more information on the Smorgasburg food festival and where to buy the spaghetti doughnut online, visit: and