Fly-in hotel landing at Orlando-Melbourne International Airport

Passengers will soon step off or their plane and right into their luxury hotel on the Space Coast.

The Orlando-Melbourne International Airport announced they are planning to build a fly-in hotel next to their international terminal.  The hotel will include 200 rooms, a rooftop bar, and 2 front doors: 1 that people can enter from street-side and the terminals, and the other that people can step straight off the tarmac and into.

“The back-door will be for corporate jets that just pull right up on the tarmac and come in and check in,” said airport spokesperson Lori Booker. 

Booker said that door will of course be secure.  The idea is not one you see at many airports, but staff at MLB think it’ll be a perfect fit. With the airport’s heavy corporate use from federal contractors and the aerospace industry in the area, they believe a high-end hotel that they can access so easily will be a big draw.  

Booker said they often see 2,000 private plane operations in a week.  Additionally, she believes it will be a draw for tourists and cruise ship passengers who arrive to the area early.

The airport is currently taking proposals from developers and hope to make the hotel a reality by 2022.