Floridians hit the roads and the skies as Thanksgiving nears

With Thanksgiving approaching, people across Central Florida are hitting the roads and the skies.

Hundreds of thousands of travelers have already made their way through the Orlando International Airport (OIA). For just Wednesday, the airport estimates that nearly 132,000 people will fly in and out of OIA. 

Fox 35 spoke to one family heading to North Carolina, who said that even though they are paying more to fly, they are happy they are not driving. Grandmother Marilyn Gudgel says that "it's more comfortable. We're getting older and its harder to drive, you know. Plus, it's easier for them. Ten hours to North Carolina is a long time, but we don't have to now so we're flying."

Remember to give yourself extra time (and patience) when traveling through OIA. AAA predicts that the Orlando-metro area will be the most popular destination in the country and that the 14-day Thanksgiving holiday travel period will set a new record with over 1.82 million passengers.


Holiday travel is also ramping up at the Orlando-Sanford International Airport. They are also experiencing a record number of passengers this week and the airport is warning travelers to arrive at least three hours before their flight.

Central Florida roadways are also packed and the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) predicts that traffic will really start to pick up between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Wednesday. By the latter time, I-74, I-95, and I-4 will all be packed with drivers navigating across the state. 

FHP urges drivers to not speed because it could cause an accident and get you a ticket. Speeding tickets during this holiday season will be $500.

And of course, delays can be expect as crashes occur along the roadways. In fact, there was already a fatal crash on S.R. 417 on Wednesday morning, as three trucks crashed into each other.