Florida's back-to-school tax-free holiday is now underway

Florida's back-to-school tax-free holiday is now underway, helping parents and families prepare for the upcoming school year.

The tax-free holiday applies to purchases of clothing, shoes and certain accessories that cost $60 or less per item.

It also applies to school supplies that cost $15 or less and the first $1,000 of computers and computer-related accessories.

Retail analysts predict this weekend will be good for businesses struggling during the pandemic. 

“We definitely encourage Floridians to get out and shop,” Florida Retail Federation President Scott Shalley said. “We hope you’ll shop local. If you do shop online, please shop with somebody who has a local presence. Florida jobs are at stake. The retail industry has gotten hit hard, and we’d really like to see you support those in your community.”

Parents who have lost their jobs during the pandemic worry about back to school shopping. They fear they might not be able to afford it. 

“My family only depends on one check a month,” parent Javier Figueroa said. “It’s tough.”

Javier Figueroa is on disability. 

He’s a cancer survivor who only has one lung. 

He has a 9-year-old headed back to school virtually this year. 

The family really started to struggle when Figueroa’s wife lost her job in March.

“Then people started working, but she decided not to work. SHe didn’t because of the high-risk of me, personally, and she didn’t want to expose herself and bring it inside the home,” Figueroa said.

The tax-free holiday runs through Sunday.

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