Florida zoo welcomes 2 rock hyrax pups

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 A Florida zoo is welcoming two rock hyrax pups.

Brevard Zoo in Melbourne said in an email that Turnip and Radish were born on Wednesday. Zoo officials say they don’t yet know the sex of the pups yet and zoo guests won’t be able to see them. The zoo considers them as ambassador animals and would only be brought out for educational programs.

Rock hyraxes weigh around 8 pounds (3.6 kilograms) as adults.

Zoo officials say rock hyraxes are the closest living relatives to elephants and manatees. The species is typically found in rocky habitats throughout Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Human hunting has led to population decline in some areas.

Turnip and Radish join siblings Gnocchi and Hashbrown, who were born last year to parents Buffy and Fangs.