Florida woman dead after struggle over shotgun

An Ocala mother leaves behind a husband and young children, after a struggle over a shotgun.

Ocala Police say Autumn Feehley’s husband, Christopher O’Brien, answered the door to their home in the overnight hours, where he was met by his cousin, William Lewis. O’Brien came to the door with a shotgun, according to police. An arrest affidavit states that Lewis grabbed for that weapon, an after a struggle between the two, the weapon discharged and a bullet struck Feehley.

A neighbor called 911 in a panic, after he said Lewis came knocking at his door, shortly after the shooting. The arrest report states O’Brien sent Lewis to the neighbor’s house to call 911, so an ambulance could come for his wife. The neighbor told a 911 dispatcher he was too terrified to answer the door.

“It was definitely a gunshot that woke us up, and like, he’s knocking on the front door, and we are much too frightened to go to the front door or anything like that."

The arrest report states it all started when Lewis knocked on the door. looking for a place to sleep, and that’s when O'Brien opened the door and the scuffle ensued. Neighbors say they feel badly for the children involved.

“These poor children. They'll never have another mom. Their mother is gone."

Lewis was booked on a manslaughter charge on a $30,000 bond.