Florida TSA agent, boy become unlikely dancing duo

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A 7-year-old boy loves to dance, and his moves were contagious enough to get a TSA agent to join in at the Orlando International Airport.

Preston Richard started doing a move called, “flossing,” which recently became a dance trend, then a TSA agent started mimicking the moves -- pretty accurately.

Preston’s mom, Valerie Richards, told FOX 13 her son and 16-year-old daughter just finished a dance competition and were heading home to Port St. Lucie. 

“My son was in a great mood after coming in second in a freestyle competition for his age group,” she said. She started noticing him dancing, and pulled out her phone to start recording. 

“We thought it was so fun,” Valerie explained. “That’s just Preston’s personality. He was a preemie, born 12 weeks early and he is just my little amazing child full of personality.”

She shared the video on Instagram back in April, tagging the TSA agent. Then on Thursday, the official TSA Instagram account shared the video, and “it kind of blew up from there.”

“It was so exciting,” Valerie said. “My son is so happy. That TSA agent really made his day!”