Florida soccer player back on feet after horrific motorcycle crash: 'I’ll come back better than before'

The last four and a half months have not been easy for Mona Rodriguez, but with a positive attitude, the professional Orlando soccer player is recovering and inspiring others along the way.

The Central Florida Crusaders player woke up lying in a hospital bed in July. She was hit by a truck while riding her motorcycle from work to the gym. Orlando police said she was not at fault.

Rodriguez was rushed to Orlando Health with brain bleeds, and a broken ankle, wrist, and arm. Her hip and shoulder were also dislocated. The brainbleeding left her forgetful and confused in the hospital.

"I’m like, why am I here? I don’t understand," recounted Rodriguez.

She couldn't put any weight on her feet for more than a month. She had to learn to walk again. But, with determination and a positive attitude, today she is not only walking but cycling and working out at the gym.

"Not because why God, why me? No. It’s proof to see how strong I am," said Rodriguez. "I just have to go through it day by day. But I’m making progress so that I can walk. Touch a ball. I don’t care if I can’t run how it did before. I can walk and that’s it. Everything will come with time."

Rodriguez's motto has always been 'Good Day for a Good Day' and now after the crash that saying is even closer to her heart. Rodriguez knows with patience and hard work, she will get back on the field.

"I have faith I’ll come back better than before," said Rodriguez. "I played soccer before my accident. I made it happen. My dream to play professionally. I want to make more dreams come true."