Florida pig 'Popo' is living his best life after losing weight, surgery

A formerly obese pig has trimmed down and is healthy again thanks to a Florida organization.

Popo came to the Pig Placement Network in Pennsylvania in 2014 as a very morbidly obese boy. The non-profit says over a long period of time, Popo pushed through and lost the weight. He then had to undergo surgery to remove the excess skin from his face so that he would no longer be ‘fat blind,’ the organization said. 

Pig Placement Network

Pig Placement Network

Popo is now living his best life in Alachua County and is ready to strut his new summer body at a meet-and greet in Jonesville!

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If you would like to meet Popo, he'll be at the Earthwise Pet store on Sunday, May 23 from 12-2 p.m.

Pig Placement Network

"Pig Placement Network’s mission is to promote domesticated pigs as pets, and to provide education to pet pig owners, veterinarians, shelters, and the general public."

Way to go, Popo!

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