Florida mother charged after her son shot 2 children during Apopka football practice, officials say

A Florida mother was charged after her son allegedly shot two children during an incident at an Apopka Pop Warner football practice in October, officials said. 

Sharelle Johnson is facing a felony charge after her son allegedly took a gun out of her car and shot two children during football practice.

On Oct 2, Johnson's son took a loaded gun from an "unsecured cardboard box" that was left inside her car, officials said. The cardboard box was worn and tattered and did not have any safety locks or fasteners – making the gun easily accessible. 

Video footage captured from the incident – which allegedly stemmed from a fight over a bag of chips – shows Johnson's 11-year-old son run to the car and grab the gun before firing shots. 

Credit: Orange County Sheriff's Office

Johnson's son was arrested on a charge of attempted second-degree murder after the incident and held in secure juvenile detention for 21 days. 

One of the boys, 13, was treated for a gunshot wound to the arm and has been released from the hospital while the other, also 13, remains in the hospital in stable condition after undergoing surgery. Prosecutors said the boy in the hospital was suffering from extensive injuries. 

Johnson was charged with culpable negligence and is facing up to five years in prison. 

After the shooting, Apopka's Pop Warner league met with parents to talk about the next steps after pausing practice for a couple of days.

During that meeting, the Apopka mayor said there would be police at games moving forward and the teams would address bullying hoping to stop kids from fighting. 

Johnson was released late Thursday night after bonding out. Her bond was set at $2,500.