Florida mom writes open letter to the Board of Education on distance learning

Tuesday was the second day on distance learning, the state's solution to keeping students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even with some glitches on day one, it appears that online learning is the new norm.

Some parents are not onboard with the new way of learning, however. Including one Seminole County mom who wrote an open letter to the Florida Department of Education.

Anne-Marie Wuzel said on Tuesday about online education that, "something has to be done and it has to start at the top."

Wuzel, a mom to a seven year old daughter, works a full time job. She said that in additon to that, she now is responsible for her daughter's education.

Her letter begins, "Today was our first day of virtual/distance learning. I cried for 30 minutes, all before 10 a.m. I thought there would be “instruction” from our child’s teacher, but I’m learning, that may not be the case."

The letter later goes on to suggest that school be stopped for the remainder of the school year.

"I think our governor and the department of education really need to look at what’s is happening in our lives right now. We are in a pandemic and I personally can’t take it and I know that I’m not alone." said Wuzel.

Her letter, which lists tweleve things that she wishes the board of education would realize about distance learning, has already been shared and reacted to on Facebook hundreds of times. Many of the shares by fellow working moms and dads.

"They could be working in healthcare for tweleve hours a day and then they're suppose to educate their child, it's way too much!"

Read the full letter on Wuzel's blog.