Florida man vows to live off the land in urban Orlando for 1-year

Rob Greenfield lives an unassuming life. Actually, he lives a very unassuming life. Home, is a 10-by-10, one room tiny house he built in a friend’s back yard.

"I don't need a large place to live and to be happy," says Greenfield.

He apparently also does not need to buy anything to eat or drink to be happy.

He says, "For one year I'm growing and foraging a hundred percent of my food. So, no grocery store. No restaurants. No going to a friend's house and eating from their pantry."

To do it, Greenfield planted and tends gardens in front yards all over Orlando’s close-in Audubon Park neighborhood.

"All of my gardens are designed to provide food for the people who live here and then for me as well," he says.

The News Station’s Tom Johnson spent an afternoon with him recently to show you how and why this life has become Rob’s mission.  Read more at RobGreenfield.tv.