Florida K-9 finds 76-year-old woman lost in woods after 20 hour search

Credit: North Police police

Way to go, K-9 Copper!

A Florida K-9 and his handler are being hailed as heroes for helping to find a missing 76-year-old woman after hours of searching. 

Marie Ginette Saint Hubert reportedly went missing and a search was launched to find her, according to the North Port Police Department. Investigators searched for roughly 20 hours by air and ground trying to find her.

After a tiring search, the police department announced that she was found by Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Deputy Steven Sella and K-9 Copper in thick brush in the woods. 

She was disoriented when they found her and police said she was handed over to medical personnel. 

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North Port police posted a photo of K-9 Copper sitting proudly in front of an ambulance after the exhausting search. 

The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office couldn't be prouder of this dynamic duo!

"Way to go DFC Sella and K9 Copper! Way to pull through until you found her!"