Florida human trafficker headed to prison after abusing, threatening women in several counties: MBI

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A human trafficker will spend decades in prison after he threatened, abused, and humiliated women throughout Florida, according to the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigations. 

Joselito Martinez was sentenced to prison for 55 years after he was convicted of human trafficking for commercial sexual activity. 

According to investigators, Martinez would provide women a place to live, under the guise of assisting them – typically after bonding them out of jail. 

In return, he forced the women to engage in commercial sex acts with customers, officials said. 

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Martinez took all the money the women made from the commercial dates and made close to $300,000 over two years. 

He allegedly attempted to humiliate some of the women by shaving a victim's head, threatening to kill their pet, and threatening to paralyze one woman. 

He also forced a woman to get tattoos in an attempt to brand them as "his property," law enforcement officials said. 

Martinez was arrested for his crimes on July 19, 2023.