Florida high school football players train in brutal heat

Everyone knows it’s hot in Central Florida this time of year. But these past few days were scorching hot.

High school football players got a break from the excessive heat Friday night.

"Right now it's really comfortable, and it's a nice little breeze," Lake Nona High School Athletic Director Aaron Crawford said.

During the week, Lake Nona along with other Orange County Public Schools followed excessive heat protocols from the Florida High School Athletic Association.

.Lake Nona’s football practices were pushed back, as they tried to beat the heat. Extra water breaks were added and trainers looked for heat illnesses.

"I know when the heat protocol went into protocol went into place last year, it was nice for us because we have certain guidelines that we can now follow," Lake Nona head athletic trainer, Kiley O’Neill said.

Every OCPS School uses a wet bulb globe thermometer before practices and games. It measures heat and humidity on the fields.

"Once we get to 87 I believe is really when more protocols are in place, as far as practice time, how many breaks, how long those breaks need to be," O’Neill said.

For now, players are enjoying the cooler temps, but know they won’t last for long.

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