Orange County deputy arrested amid Winter Springs carjacking investigation released from jail

An Orange County sheriff's deputy who has been held in jail since Sunday was granted bond by a judge on Thursday afternoon and released from jail shortly before 10 p.m.

Francisco Estrella Chicon, who is accused of impersonating a high-ranking deputy to gain information about a murder case, had no comment when representatives from the media followed him to his vehicle. His attorney, Corey Cohen, says his client will be released from Seminole County Jail later in the day.

Estrella, 33, was arrested amid the Seminole County Sheriff's Office's investigation into the carjacking, kidnapping, and alleged murder of a South Florida woman in Winter Springs.

Francisco Estrella Chicon

Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas, 31, of Homestead, was carjacked and kidnapped at gunpoint last week at an intersection in Winter Springs. Hours later, a vehicle believed to be hers, a Dodge Durango, was found on fire at a construction site in Osceola County, and a body was inside the SUV.  

Investigators allege that Chicon used law enforcement resources to contact one of the detectives investigating the death of Guerrero De Aguasvivas and allegedly provided information on the investigation to her husband.

"The deputy then picks up the phone, calls our detective, and gives a false name, and identified himself as a detective with the Orange County Sheriff's Office wanting to get information on this case," Sheriff Lemma said. 

Chicon, who was hired by the Orange County Sheriff's Office in September 2022, was arrested and booked into the Seminole County jail on five charges:

  • Interception of wire, oral, or electronic communication
  • Disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communication
  • Disclosure or use of confidential criminal justice information
  • Unlawful use of a two-way communication device
  • Accessing computer or electronic devices without authorization or exceeding authorization

"These are very serious criminal allegations. It is completely unacceptable for any law enforcement officer to misuse the power and authority of their job," said Sheriff John Mina following Chicon's arrest. "At the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, we hold our deputies to the highest ethical standards, and we will not tolerate anyone breaking the law within our ranks."


Cohen clarified that there were misconceptions about Estrella's involvement in the deadly carjacking case. He stated that the deputy had only recently met Guerrero De Aguasvivas and her husband in January of this year, following a funeral for Chicon's wife's stepfather. Cohen emphasized that the sole connection between Estrella and the woman's husband was through the deceased stepfather.

Cohen further explained that Estrella's actions were prompted by a request from Katherine's brother, seeking information about his sister's disappearance. Estrella allegedly accessed a law enforcement database in an effort to assist.

"My client was honest with the cops when he was interviewed. He did tell them he went on DAVID [Driver And Vehicle Information Database]," Cohen told FOX 35 News. He was not authorized to look up certain information, but he did it in the effort to try to help. He has no other connection to this family. He doesn't know them. He doesn't know what activities they were partaking in that led to this."

During the court hearing, a judge set Estrella's bond at $15,000, of which he must pay $1,500. Additionally, upon release, Estrella must wear a GPS monitor.