Florida deputies stumble upon alleged drug deal in progress: 'Whatcha got there?'

Florida deputies stumbled upon what appeared to be two men conducting a hand-to-hand drug deal in Flagler County on Monday. 

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office said the incident happened Monday morning on South Anderson Street in Bunnell. Two men – Fredrick Gilyard, 56, and Eddie London, 50 – were arrested in connection to the alleged drug deal. Gilyard was arrested and charged with possession of cathinones, tampering with evidence and resisting arrest without violence. London was arrested for possession of cocaine and drug paraphernalia. 

Deputies were conducting surveillance in the area when they saw two people in the middle of an alleged drug deal. 

Photo: Flagler County Sheriff's Office

"Whatcha got there?" a deputy is heard asking one of the men, later identified as Gilyard, in bodycam footage released by the sheriff's office.

Gilyard then runs from the deputies until he's tasted in a nearby yard. 

"Don't resist me … you don't run from the police," a deputy is heard telling him. 

Photo: Flagler County Sheriff's Office

The other person involved, London, didn't run from law enforcement, deputies said. As he was giving deputies his ID, they saw drug paraphernalia in plain view inside his bag and a probable cause search was conducted.

Photo: Flagler County Sheriff's Office

"There is zero room for poison peddlers or their customers in Flagler County," said Sheriff Rick Staly in a statement. "These two thought they could just buy and sell drugs in plain sight, but our watchful deputies were ready to catch them red-handed. The only room available for these poison peddlers is at the Green Roof Inn."

Gilyard and London are both being held at the Sheriff Perry Hall Inmate Detention Facility on $5,500 bond and $3,000 bond, respectively.