Florida carjacking victims arrested after reporting stolen car, stolen: Deputies

A carjacking victim, who called the police after "his" car was stolen, was arrested after detectives discovered that the man had stolen the car from a BMW dealership. 

Osceola County deputies responded to a report of an armed carjacking in Kissimmee when a man said he and two others were touring a property they were looking to rent. After touring the property, the man said Aaron Alvarenga, who gave them the tour, along with two others robbed the three victims at gunpoint, stealing their BMW, deputies said. 

The suspects reportedly fled in the BMW and a Dodge Durango that they arrived in, deputies said. 

When deputies located the stolen BMW they found Alvarenga, Jerome Lewis, and Justin Carter who were all arrested for armed carjacking, aggravated assault with a weapon, and grand theft auto.

Alvarenga told deputies the victim's BMW was stolen from a dealership, and the victim had fraudulently purchased the car with false information. A representative from the BMW dealership confirmed the vehicle was stolen, deputies said. 

Detectives also discovered the carjacking victim was involved in fraudulent activity consisting of manufacturing fake identifications and credit cards. All three of the carjacking victims were arrested for providing a false name to law enforcement as deputies have not figured out their names yet.