Florida boys who snuck out of grandparents' house to egg neighborhood learn their lesson, police say

Photo: Bunnell Police Department

Two boys found themselves in trouble when they allegedly snuck out of their grandparents' house at 2 a.m. to egg neighbors' homes, according to the Bunnell Police Department. 

"Some victims thought their homes were under attack when they heard the noise overnight, while another warned the kids were very lucky not to be caught on their property," police said. 

The boys' parents and grandparents were totally unaware of what had happened until police told them. 

Florida deputies take creative approach to punishing teens for egg-throwing prank instead of arrest

They won't be facing criminal charges, however. 

Photo: Bunnell Police Department

Police said they spoke to residents who agreed to "accept personal apologies" from the boys. Some of them also let the boys help with yard work as a form of restitution. 

"Let’s work together to keep our community safe and our children on the right path," the Bunnell Police Department wrote on Facebook. 

Police are using this incident as an encouraging lesson for kids not in school this summer. 

"While some may brush this off as a harmless prank, our experience shows this behavior can lead to a dangerous downward spiral into the criminal justice system," police said. "Summer offers a break from school, but it also provides opportunity for unsupervised youth to engage in destructive activities, potentially impacting their futures through arrest, serious injury, or worse."