Florida Aquarium offers discounted, free admission in exchange for recycled parade beads

The Florida Aquarium is encouraging people going to Gasparilla parades in Tampa this year to help protect the environment and recycle their beads.

In a news release, Florida Aquarium President and CEO Roger Germann said, "“Beads that end up in the bay can be harmful to the environment and the marine life that call the bay home, so we encourage people attending the parades to be careful and keep their beads out of the bay."

To help inspire people, The Florida Aquarium is offering discounted and free adminission to those who bring their beads to the aquarium.

As part of the "Keep the Beads Out of the Bay" promotion, anyone who brings 10 pounds of beads to the aquarium will receive $10 off one general admission ticket.

Those who bring 30 pounds or more will get free admission.

The offer runs through January 27.

The Children’s Gasparilla Parade is Saturday in Tampa, the annual MLK Day parades in Tampa and St. Petersburg are on Monday and the annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest is on January 26.

(Reporting out of Lake Mary)