Flooding woes in Polk, Brevard counties

Tropical Storm Emily dumped about three feet of rain on a Polk County neighborhood causing some residents to be flooded.

Warren Harasta says it took only an hour for Tropical Storm Emily to drench this Lakeland neighborhood.

"We knew it was raining but didn't realize how bad it was flooding until my horn started going off and my lights started blinking."

This retired veteran says Emily destroyed two of his cars."I had water all the way up the seats inside so the interiors totaled."

"All the water go inside my house."

Gabriel McDragon says Emily damaged his furniture and other items in his home, where he, his wife and six kids live.

"A lot of stuff inside. All my stuff is wet."

And to make matters worse today was supposed to be garbage day, but during the storm all the garbage cans tipped over and now you can see garbage everywhere scatter throughout the water.

Warren says, "And then the garbage truck came through here so fast that it actually picked my car up and moved it two feet."

Rescuers go door to door trying to help residents. They say 8 families have been affected. It's not the first time this neighborhood's flooded.

Gabriel says, "They say they no got time. They don't have time." Warren agrees, "I'm really irritated , they called the county and the city multiple times and they say it's private property, can't do anything."

Imperial Polk County Emergency Management says they'll be out in the morning to access damage and have someone fix the drainage.