Flooding concerns grow as rain expected to continue into the weekend for DC region

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Flooding continues to impact the D.C. region as a Flood Watch has been expanded and is in effect through Saturday morning as steady, unrelenting rainfall will extend into the weekend.

"Clouds and rain showers continue for the next three days here in D.C.," said FOX 5's Mike Thomas. "We're not going to see the sun until Sunday!"

FOX 5's Tucker Barnes several more inches of rain could fall through the weekend.

"The potential for heavy rain Friday, if you see standing water or ponding on roadways, be real careful about trying to cross through it because the conditions are not going to improve any time soon," Barnes said.

This week's precipitation has greatly affected Frederick as a local state of emergency has been declared as torrential rain has flooded much of the area. The city has asked residents to limit nonessential water usage.

"Due to current historic flooding the City's wastewater treatment plant is inundated and at risk of additional overflow," the city posted on its website. "In order to avoid potential backups in collection lines and homes, and maintain the ability to safely treat wastewater City officials are requesting that citizens please refrain from nonessential water use. Washing clothes, washing dishes, and using water in any capacity only adds to the already overburdened plant.

"Should you experience a sewer backup, please contact our DPW switchboard at 301-600-1440. Residents are also advised to stay clear of Carroll Creek near the confluence with the Monocacy River until further notice due to potential sewer overflows."

Frederick County Public Schools will open on a two-hour delay on Friday and has canceled all after-school and evening activities on Thursday. The school district will will reevaluate its status Friday morning.

Many Frederick residents have dealt with flooding inside their homes. Beth McKew saw water overflowing from her toilet, which helped to flood her basement.

"We saw the water slowly seep under the door," she said. "It's almost like it's in slow motion. It slowly seeps in and then it starts spraying in. At some point, we have to make a decision. We just can't come back to the basement anymore. We have to head to higher ground."

On Thursday, Carroll Creek spilled over its banks and flooded parts of Baker Park. According to FOX 5's Annie Yu, the swollen creek looked more like a waterfall as it crept higher and closer to the bridges that run through downtown.

Frederick police said residents should expect to see continued road closures as the flooding continues.

"We want our residents to understand that this is a serious issue that they should be mindful of," said Frederick Mayor Michael O'Connor.

He said the city's storm system is working, but it can only handle so much.

"When Baker Park is flooded, that's a good thing because that means downtown Frederick is not flooded," said O'Connor.

Businesses have been devastated by the flooding in downtown Frederick. The YMCA of Frederick County suffered at least $500,000 worth of damage.

“It’s absolutely draining,” said YMCA of Frederick County CEO Chris Colville. “I worked for the YMCA for 35 years in five different states and I have never gone through anything like this until two-and-a-half years ago. I wouldn't wish this on anybody to have to go through this experience. It's absolutely devastating.”

Vinyl Acres, a record shop on E Patrick Street, had his merchandise destroyed during the flooding at his business.

“I had everything in vinyl bins to protect the records, but the water got so high that it filled the bins anyway so all the records were destroyed,” said owner Bob Berberich.

In Montgomery County, Historic White's Ferry was closed until further notice due to the high water on the Potomac River.


Storm damage was seen in the District as a fallen tree has shut down the 1200 block of 35th Street in Georgetown.

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