Flagler County considers fireworks ban

Officials are drafting an ordinance that would make it harder to buy fireworks in Flagler County.

“Fireworks—anything that goes up or blows up—are illegal,” said Flagler County Fire Chief Don Petito, but people can still buy them because of a loophole in the state law.

If you sign a waiver that says you are using the fireworks for agriculture, mining, or lighting up train tracks, you can walk away with as many as you want.

“You can’t create a loophole that allows [vendors] to sell it anywhere they want to sell it and then allow the average consumer to be in possession of these—we’re going to call them-- deadly devices.” Petito said.

At the direction of the county commission and the county administrator Petito is drafting an ordinance that would close that loophole.

Petito said fireworks were to blame for serious injury to two small kids and 15 brush fires this month in Flagler County.