Firefighter accused of video voyeurism

An Orange County firefighter has been relieved of duty following his arrest on voyeurism charges.

Steven Brandenberger, 38, was arrested by the Seminole County Sheriff's Office on Monday, accused of setting up  hidden cameras to watch his female roommate. She was a close friend who lived with the suspect for seven years. Now, the woman claims she was spied on -- in her bathroom and bedroom -- by Brandenberger.

According to investigators, a friend was visiting the home and used the restroom, when they spotted something disturbing in the bathroom vent.

"The friend noticed that there was a camera in the bathroom that had been hidden, that was pointed toward the shower area," explained Bob Kealing, with the Seminole County Sheriff's Office.
When that friend told the woman who lived there, she then checked her bedroom, where she said she found another camera in a vent, facing her bed. Authorities say the cameras were meant to be hidden.

"This suspect didn't want the victim to know that he was spying on her in places where she should reasonably expect to have privacy," Kealing added.  
Unsure how long the cameras had been there, the victim said she was especially concerned, because her young nieces stayed in her room, and used the shower. 

"This goes way beyond home security. This is invasion of privacy.  It's video voyeurism, and that's why this suspect is now facing felony charges," Kealing said.

Brandenberger is being held at the Seminole County jail without bail.