Finding homes for greyhounds after 2020 ban

In two years, greyhound racing will cease to exist in Florida. With the passage of Amendment 13, tracks have until December 2020 to stop racing greyhounds.  Now the question is, what will happen to the thousands of greyhounds that race? 

For racing trainer Kathi Lacasse, these greyhounds aren't just her livelihood- they're her life.

Lacasse says, "These are like my kids! And i'm very bitter right now because people voted on this with no knowledge." 

Carol Becker is the president of God's Greyts greyhound group- an Orlando non-profit that finds homes for greyhounds retired from racing. Becker says she isn't sure what the answer is when it comes to the future of these greyhounds.

"I just don't know, and that's the problem. Nobody knows! And that's where all the anxiety comes," she says.

Becker, who opposed the ban, says kennels like the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club understand how to care for greyhounds.

Becker explains, "The worst thing that could happen to these dogs is if they go into a shelter. They're going to shut down."

But with the clock ticking, the race is on to find suitable homes. Becker says racing greyhounds aren't natural pets and require weeks of training before they're comfortable.  She worries there won't be enough money, time, or families before the December deadline is here.

"It's the long term consequences of uninformed decisions," she says.

The ban doesn't just impact the greyhounds here in Florida. Many dogs come from out of state to race here.

You can find out how you can help these greyhounds by visiting either or