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Have you ever had car troubles, but you avoided calling a towing service at all cost? Tow trucks are not your enemy! In fact, a towing service can come in handy in many different situations. Although you don’t want to pay the money, you might need it. Toyota of Orlando explaining why you might want to call for this service and what it can do for you! 

Why might you need towing service?

You might think that a towing service is for one thing only and that’s towing your car (obviously)! However, there are a lot of different reasons you might need this car service in Orlando. Here are some of the things a towing service can help you with:

  • Get unstuck: If you’re ever stuck in a snow, mud, or a ditch, call a tow truck. They have a winch to help you out of this predicament.
  • Change a flat tire: Getting a flat tire is never fun. If you don’t know how to change a tire, just call a towing service to change your tire for you!
  • Give you gas: You can also use this car service if you run out of fuel. Instead of walking to a gas station with a gas can, just have them bring you emergency fuel! 
  • Jumpstart your car: Is your car battery dead? Call a towing service to come help you jumpstart your car and get going!
  • Unlock your car: This car service can also help you if you ever lock yourself out of your car. 
  • Move your car: If your car won’t start or if it overheats, you may need to have your car towed to our Toyota Service Center in Orlando. 

Are you worried about paying money for a towing service? If you recently bought your Toyota, you’re in luck! Every new Toyota comes with roadside assistance for up to 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. With Toyota Roadside Assistance, you can have help 24/7 with any of the services listed above!

Have your ride towed to Toyota of Orlando

If you’re having car trouble and you need your car towed, make sure they tow it to Toyota of Orlando. We have a Toyota Service Center to help get your car back on the road again in no time! With the help of our team, you won’t have to worry about the drama of fixing your ride. We offer quick and affordable auto service in Orlando, so you don’t have to worry.

Were you involved in a car accident? Have your vehicle towed to our Toyota Collision Center in Orlando! We’ll make your car look like new again and get you going in no time. We’ll even work with your insurance company, so there’s no stress for you!

Toyota of Orlando is located at 3575 Vineland Rd. near the Mall at Millenia. You can reach our Toyota Service Center at (866) 945-0493 and our Toyota Collision Center at (866) 637-2430. We look forward to helping you!

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