Field trip fail for Osceola County school

Meghan Seward says her 8-year-old son, Liam, came home from a school field trip hot, sweaty and starving.

“My son was bright red,” Seward said. “As a parent it's heartbreaking when you see your kid like that and you can’t be there for them.”

Seward is outraged, along with a bunch of other parents, about the way the Osceola County School District extended day program handled a field trip last Friday.

“It’s a school, u expect to be able to trust them,” Seward said.

The district says about 80 children from the extended day program at Lakeview Elementary in St Cloud and a few other schools went to the Amway Center for the Mascot Games, but parents say the children weren’t allowed to bring their lunches and went more than seven hours without food or water.

"If you know that that a field trip is going to run late and you have children out for a 9 hour period, something like that be prepared for it be prepared, u go to feed kids,” Seward said.

FOX 35 asked district officials how a field trip could be planned with no stops for food and water and no breaks for lunch or even a snack -- they couldn’t answer any of those questions – the principal of Lakeview Elementary school did offer an apology.

“I’m just really truly sorry for that experience I think it’s important that they know we feel that way, and that we want to also rectify this so that it never happens again,” said Principal Tracy Shenuski.

Shenuski says she met with several concerned parents Monday morning and has already taken their concerns to district officials.

“They are actually going to look at implementing an automated dial out  message systems to communicate with parents anything that they need to communicate with regarding the field trip, there will also be a text message option,” Shenuski said.